Talent & Career Management

As marketing tasks become more demanding in speed and skill talent management and employee development is more crucial than ever 

Fully understand the required skill, contribution and seniority level needed to accomplish marketing objectives today and in future. Developing excellence in a marketing team requires utmost attention and management plus HR support or marketing cannot deliver the many tasks to go to market effectively.

Profiling skills, programs to fill skill gaps as described by proper job descriptions, a targeted recruitment process and career path management for retention and talent support along with fair and competitive compensation have to be managed very well in order to retain the upper hand in the global competition for best marketing talents.

Tasks & Skill Profiling

Performance can only be fairly measured and improved against a clear specification of tasks and a set of skills required for the job. The availability of skill sets per task or function enable a skill profiling process with the goal to fill skill gaps pro-actively.

Career Path Management

Everyone wants to know the options of her own development. When career paths are transparent it is easy and energizing to deploy individual development plans.

Internal & External Training

Filling skill gaps with internal or external training is motivating for the marketing team and provides long term value through strategic improvements. Building and growing own resources and not only economically valuable but also very motivating and encouraging for employees.

Employee Retention & Talent Support

The global labor market suffers proper growth of talent, thus companies increasingly face competition for talent recruitment and retention. Companies that understand to attract and retain top talent will win that global competition for talent.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the blue print of someone's daily tasks, long term goals and immediate engagements. Well designed job descriptions give orientation and can provide content into other HR related forms, documents and processes such as skill profiling and education programs.


Compensation contains various standard and individual elements and should motivate employees to perform at their top and to develop themselves. A well balanced and individualized compensation package can be an important competitive advantage.