Structure, Workflow & Alignment

Marketing activities are often scattered across commercial organizations, hence interfacing and business process management are crucial for efficiency and impact

Be aware of business processes, and interaction between marketing and sales as well as the crucial stakeholder collaboration with other entities such as business development and project management. Misalignment and process gaps lead to waste of resources, time and eventually an increased error rate.

Based on a clear mission statement (why are we here?), vision (where are we going?) and value promise (how do we behave and collaborate?) all business processes and tasks need to be aligned or challenged for value. Business process management guarantees strong work flow and satisfies employees.

Function Development Roadmap

Any marketing function or task is evolutionary and can continuously improve. Motivates and guides the teams to take ownership of their own development in the function and as a service provider to the company.

Work Flow Evolution

As organizations and tasks change so need the work flows that support effective collaboration. Being on top of new ways to collaborate beyond the own organization creates awareness that work flow and hand shakes have to be adjusted.

Knowledge Management

Organizations gather, share and use tremendous amounts of knowledge that multiplies over time. A well handled knowledge infrastructure and digital competitive intelligence system provides all modern advantages of searching, filtering and re-using.

Sales & Marketing Integration

Marketing & Sales highly depend on each other and deliver into each others value and performance system. Sales that knows where to take over the leads and how to feed field intelligence back to marketing will gain traction. Marketing that delivers content into a value proposition and arranges great trade show exposure is invaluable for the commercial success.

Organizational Structure

Marketing tasks can be spread across a matrix organization or reside within a marketing group. An organizational structure that orients itself by how people collaborate is powerful and productive.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Since marketing collaborates with many functions and contributes to a vast amount of commercial and strategic decisions and tasks, stakeholder collaboration needs to be flawless. Well managed and automated content flow and active, result-oriented interfacing contribute to top performance of the entire business.

Mission, Vision & Values

People want to know why they are supposed to do something, how they are supposed to work and collaborate and what are the goals for the longer term future. To know why, how and where to are critical guiding elements for any group of people to perform with each other.