Sales & Leads Support - Feed the inbox with quality leads and push towards conversion

Lead generation for the Sales team is one of the core deliverables from marketing planning activities

Sales needs to maximize their time with customers and work off a well maintained pool of high quality leads.

If the leads are not coming and Sales have to chase them all on their own or if the leads do not convert chances are that the competition will grow their top line better.

A proper sales leads management process as a marketing task with resources, tactics and methodologies to provide top quality leads requires the full support of management as it is invaluable for an ongoing revenue impact.

Lead Generation & Prospecting

Field Sales should maximize their time and engagement with customers in the market place. Market and customer research need to feed into the prospecting and targeting process which hands over to the various internal experts for opportunity qualification and validation. The lead management process controls the work flow, progress and reporting to maximize top line impact.

Channel Management & Content Flow

Customers and other market actors use a variety of channels to communicate and transact. Knowing the customer engagement break-even point helps to maximize the relationship's value. Conscious channel selection through channel mapping plus conflict management and spend analysis unveil opportunities to further target the customer engagement. 

Sales Collateral & Training

Marketing support to Sales activities and direct customer interaction ensures effective selling. Targeted marketing campaigns and material, solutions marketing based on customer insights and dedicated value propositions along with suitable training for sales tools and collateral keep Sales on the road and ensure an ongoing professional approach to sales support.

Pricing Models & Strategy

Pricing is a crucial commercial lever as price is the only "P" in the marketing mix that generates revenue. Sustainable pricing must reflect and help to reach the financial goals of the organization, match the realities of the marketplace and support or strengthen the product's or service's positioning.