Sales Collateral & Training

Marketing support of Sales activities and direct customer interaction ensures effective selling through marketing material and sales collateral

The sales process and customer segmentation need to be well understood by marketers in order to provide most effective support features.

Mass production of sales collateral or broad brush approaches to trade show events or conferences add overhead but hardly any value.

Targeted marketing campaigns and marketing material, solutions based marketing on customer insights and dedicated value propositions along with suitable training for sales tools and sales collateral keep Sales on the road and ensure an ongoing professional approach to sales support by marketing.

Direct Marketing

Directly promote a service or product to the end user is both demanding and rewarding. If the customer is not well known they will fail. If the customer's need and circumstance is addressed directly, this marketing methodology can be the most impacting and rewarding of all marketing efforts.

Sales Collateral & Tools

Sales collateral, promotion material and marketing tools should be readily available and maximize the sales impact. Outperform the competitions performance with solutions oriented sales collateral and easy to use tools and systems.

Front-line Support

Marketing should keep the sales force out in the streets, helping them to maximize their time and impact with the customer. When sales forces are equipped with insights and solutions that they can readily use they are much more likely to achieve their goals.

Solutions Marketing

When marketing approaches immediate solutions for customer problems the customer relationship will change. When marketing prepares a well developed, customer centric, tested and customer approved solution the differentiation to the competition is significant and long lasting.