"Management consultant wants more relevant website traffic and digital customer engagement".

Marketing Challenge

  • Website does not receive any significant traffic
  • Social media is under-developed at best


  • Apply user-friendly website structure
  • Strengthen and focus topic areas and main content themes
  • Increase client engagement


1. Introduction and knowledge transfer

  • Website structure, story telling, “don’t make me think” approach
  • General content focus and structure
  • Meta tagging, consistency rules and guidelines
  • Linking: directories, existing, additional linkage
  • Social media options and process
  • Search marketing, syndication and tools review
  • KPIs and reporting, skill and resource gaps, options

2. General considerations

  • Top level review and major improvement themes
  • Geographical focus
  • Industry, customer level focus

3. Search words

4. Website structure

  • Content structure pages vs blog posts (purpose, structure)
  • Glossary, FAQ (linking opportunities)
  • User experience vs needs (customer polls or interviews)

5. Content options

  • Contributors
  • Commenting, discussions
  • Syndication

6. Social media

  • Duplicate content concern
  • Engagement strategy

7. Search marketing, syndication and tools review

  • Search engine focus
  • Syndication options
  • Geo-location and business services focus


  • Preparation 4 days
  • Familiarization 1/2 day
  • Realization 1 days


  • Measurements pending 

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