Planning & Scenarios

Planning for what comes next and having scenarios to know how the future is being addressed is vital for any business and all stakeholders

The world turns faster, budgets are tighter, the fight for internal resources asks for a rock solid "story" into the future. Management becomes increasingly reluctant to invest in vague ideas as opposed to facts based plans.

As the strategic planning process determines future activities the resource allocation needs to follow suit. Long term plans and scenarios will configure the effort going forward and address risk versus opportunity in the planning scenarios.

Budgeting Process & Resource Allocation

The strategic planning process aims to determine the required budget for the planning period. Firm timelines and planned interfacing between contributing departments such as controlling for financial content, HR for recruitment planing and process or management for the decision making process and approvals make the budgeting process efficient.

Brand Planning

Brand planning is a very complex, time consuming and eventually costly undertaking. A strong brand identity, alignment with the organization, capabilities and products can lead to the desired brand experience of the customer.

Long Range Planning

Strategic foresight reaches beyond the next couple of years albeit less definitive the longer the plan reaches. Long term planning makes any vision more tangible and shortcuts decisions if the scenarios play out in the future as predicted.

Scenario Planning

To establish business scenarios is time and resource consuming but it can save considerable cost and mitigate risk in the future. As markets and conditions change constantly some of those changes could be predicted and faster reaction could avoid losses.