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Several years ago we had been following the healthy nutrition plan found in The Formula by nutritionists Gene and Joyce Daoust. We loved the program. Our energy levels increased, our overall feelings of wellness increased... and the pounds kept dropping.

We knew we were going to eat like this for the rest of our lives. We also knew that we were growing tired of the menus in the book. How many times can you eat the same things and stay enthusiastic about the program?

We looked for alternatives. We found, and started using the recipes from Dr. Barry Sears The Zone Diet, but soon got tired of the limited number of meals in Dr. Sears book, too.

I built the Zone Recipe Builder, and shared it with a few friends, who quickly started suggesting other tools. Four years ago I started building those additional tools, and the FormulaZone site was born.

FormulaZone is not the official Zone Diet site, but we are the original. We needed it to be easy, so we intentionally made it different from other diet sites. When you compare us to other sites and check the differences, we're confident you'll choose us!

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