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Knowing that there was nothing on the market that would meet her sleek, sophisticated, and refined sense of style, this savvy 41 year old grabbed her infinity scarf and began to twist and tie it using office supply rubber bands.  Effortlessly, she turned it into a one-shoulder dress, halter top, wrap, vest, maxi skirt and more.  Within an hour, Sarah had run to the fabric store and was sitting at her kitchen table teaching herself how to sew.

Tossing her innovative and unique tubes of fabric and bands in different lengths and colors in her one and only carry on, Sarah was off on her 21 day adventure with no other clothing options. Well, it only took Sarah a few days to realize that she had something special because every day she was being stopped multiple times to field inquiries from strangers on the streets of New York City who were hypnotized by her savvy and uber stylish looks.  And it was there and then, June 2011, that Hipknoties was born.

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