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Feel Foxy was born out of one woman's desire to have  a nice plump rear trunk.  She  opened her store in 2004 with just one product that she believed in "The Biniki  Butt Bra." After giving birth to her two children, her backside was never the same; it  was flat and droopy!

She started wearing the butt bra to give her the lift she  desperately needed, and began selling the product to other women who felt the  same way about their own rear ends. A few months later, emails were pouring in  from customers requesting more buttock enhancing products. The verdict was in,  flat butts are out, and curvy butts are here to stay!

Today woman from all over the world shop at Feel Foxy for figure enhancing  products, with buttock enhancers remaining our number one seller. We have  quickly become the industry leader in buttock enhancing garments. In 2011, we  will be unveiling a new line of patented padded panties. 

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Feel Foxy

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8% per Sale

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