Media Mix Selection & Targeting

Customers with varying needs and preferences can be targeted in the market place through a variety of media and channels

Understand as many as possible buying behaviors in order to meet customers at the right time in the right place with the right message. Applying a one-fits-all selling mechanism might create some business but it would neither be sustainable nor would it take full advantage of the buying power out there.

Buying models and virtual personae can simplify and visualize how customers purchase and why. A rigorous and powerful performance management for the media targeting is a must to adjust the investment into the channel strategies. 

Buying Models

Modeling the buying process a customer goes through is an effective way to understand how to support or control the buying process. Identifying where the customer requires expertise and support offers opportunities to close the sale and build trust.

Channel Selection Strategies

Depending on industry and type of business the right focus on the most promising sales channels is of great influence. Meeting potential clients through the right channels shortens the buying process significantly.

Performance Measurements

To enable continuous improvement and to gather ongoing support for the media mix investments the ROI is a much needed equation.What gets measured gets managed.