To make good things great can be a struggle. Especially for functions that are already stretched and lack resources.

Consider a structured, long term and sustainable approach to audit, challenge and improve marketing teams and tasks long term. 

Why improve?

Do you want to wait until you are outrun by your competitors' marketing excellence?

Compare marketing 10 years ago with 20 years ago or even 50. Look at marketing and its impact today and its opportunities tomorrow.

Is the marketing team ready for big data?

Does the intelligence team keep up with the increasing demand to make sense of the information noise?

Are today's and tomorrow's digital opportunities embraced and materialized in the marketing mix?

Or in other worlds:

Will your competitor know faster, better how to react to market disruptions and events?

Will your customers limit their interaction with you because they are interlinked with your competitors cross-platform CRM system?

Will your trade show budget be cut while most other industry players use these events to not just showcase products but run interactive online sessions using newest engagement gadgets and digital solutions that help them maximize the use of the products and services?

How about content: does your webmaster still write web page content or does your online team ready content snippets and packages for Sales tweets, online magazine syndication or scientific communities in online solutions war rooms with customers and experts?

How to become excellent?

Incremental improvements versus excellence evolution.

Any big thing started small. Every movement needs a direction. People genuinely want to take part in motivating activities.

What motivates people are meaningful, achievable visions. Excitement is a product of a conviction to be able and enabled to improve and succeed.

If we agree on those principles...

Why is change so hard?