Marketing Communication & Campaigns - Make every touch between brand and market an outstanding experience

Marketing communication is the core transportation of the value proposition using the entire marketing mix

The marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) offers countless options to transport the market message and with it the desired generic value proposition. 

There is also big potential for wasteful spending and redundant investments or a failure to reach the target audience.

Marketing communication planning activities ensure brand awareness and the full impact of any marketing spend. 

Media Mix Selection & Targeting

Customers with varying needs and preferences can be met through a variety of media and channels. Buying models and virtual personae can simplify and visualize how customers purchase and why. A rigorous and powerful performance management is a must to adjust the investment into the channel strategies. 

Market Message Management

The market message competes on many levels with the ones for the competing products and services. Powerful market messaging requires top class copy writing, co-creation to broaden and deepen the information, testing and adjusting to maximize impact and a modern approach to filtering and structuring big data visualization.   

Campaign & Network Management

Highly effective market messaging needs to support and drive all phases of a marketing campaign. Proper matching of communication channels with customer segmentation and buying behavior is essential to feed them with the  most suitable communication.