Market Message Management

The market message competes on many levels with the ones for the competing products and services

Create effective messages that satisfy an apparent information need while at the same time convince the reader to act. Careless copywriting and a lack of market message planning and testing is nothing else but overhead.

Powerful market messaging and brand message management requires top class copywriting, co-creation to broaden and deepen the information, testing and adjusting to maximize impact and a modern approach to filtering and big data visualization.   

Content Creation & Copy Writing

Content supports information needs and influences buying decisions. Outstanding content quality, blog format and article structure can drive business home and establish a unique communication between marketer and customer.


Consistency of the market message is a branding element and establishes a common language between sender and audience. A sustained language style brand is as powerful as a popular logo.

Co-creation & Co-owned Content

Co-created content combines expertise from several areas. Experts can express themselves in a customer centric way when co-creating with professional copy writers.

Process Management

Market messaging is often carefully timed and involves several stakeholder from drafting to approval and release. The marketing communications group can exercise control and support all involved parties to follow the process.

Testing & Optimization

Even a great market message can be improved to reflect customer's language. An audience-tested copy reflects much better the final reader's own language and information needs.

Big Data Visualization

Data and information availability accelerates through digitalization and the expanding information services industry. This is a big opportunity to differentiate and demonstrate a vested focus on the reader's needs and habits.