Market Intelligence & Growth Drivers

Market research and competitive analysis will unveil that most products and services find plenty of growth opportunities in any given market, and also risks 

Strategic business decisions need to be based on thorough market insight and economic foresight. If competitive dynamics, Geo-political and economic developments are not foreseen and matched with the own capabilities decision makers are set upfor failure.

Running a structured, rigorous process to establish internal and external market insight through market research, competitor analysis is vital for marketing planning and the growth strategy.

Business Case

A solid business case makes any business decision transparent and reproducible. Develop and maintain a standard business case template as a reference and mutual decision foundation. Business decisions might be influenced in changing environments. The original assumptions must be recorded and worked against. Business cases align decision makers behind facts.

Internal Capabilities Assessment

In order to understand the own market position and be able to develop differentiation options and strategies the own internal capabilities need to be properly assessed. A complete understanding of own capabilities serves as the launch pad for customer discussions and product development workshops.

Market Research

Market research determines the company’s and competitors’ marketplace position on a wide variety of characteristics. Primary research or secondary research methodologies unveil public information and data and provides them in formats designed or acquired by the requester. As the outcome of market research delivers into further market analysis and various decisions making processes its quality and actuality influences key decisions.


Accurate forecasting is essential for proper commercial planning. Forecasting processes that are repeatable and harmonized produce reliable predictions for own output as well as a challenge options that can be used in negotiations.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis identifies critical intelligence topics, investigates relevant market research, and communicates significant market insights and implications. SWOT, PEST, Five Forces, ANSOFF are just a few well established, classic market analysis methodologies.

Geographic Expansion

Organic growth can come from entering new market regions. Strategic planning prepares for new geographic market entrance through market research and analysis. Apply expertise and experience from existing markets while adjusting to geographic specialties such as regulatory or customer preference.