Market Analysis Definition

Market Analysis identifies key intelligence topics (KITs), investigates relevant market research, computes the relevant data and signals and communicates significant market insights and implications.

Market analysts provide thought leadership and timely, actionable market insights, derived from the analysis of market research, marketplace data, and expert opinion.

The aim is to drive informed executive decision-making, both within and across commercial functions and the executive lounge.

Using consultative techniques and working with decision makers, the market analyst identifies critical intelligence topics (KITs), investigates relevant market research data, signals and information, develops and utilized analytical frameworks and techniques and might form appropriate work teams for complex analytical tasks.

Market analysts identify and communicate significant market insights and concepts through written and oral presentations and reports and point out implications in order to arrive art recommendations for the final decision maker.


Responsibilities of market analysts

  • Project framing: define the internal customer issue that leads to the appropriate project scope and planning
  • Understanding customer wants and needs, engaging in and leading ongoing dialogue throughout the duration of the analysis until the internal clients needs are fully met
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Marketplace assessment
  • Identify emerging growth trends and opportunities across various dimensions including: economic, technological, financial, geo-political, regulatory, cultural and other market segments, competition, partnerships and alliances and customer value attributes
  • Evaluate performance and execution gaps and develop actionable recommendations
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) might include the measurement of timeliness, clarity and suitability of the actionable insights and analysis delivered to the end user’s decision making


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