Ways to make extra money with your website as a passive income

You can do what celebrities do: earn a passive income while they sleep or dine or party, for products they have produced long ago and that keep selling themselves over and over again.


Sell products on your website that perfectly complement your offering and earn you extra money. To top it off: invite other website owners to do the same, using your affiliate link and you earn on their sales in addition. An automated passive income.


You sell honeymoon trips on your wedding blog.

Why not offer a direct link to your customers where they can find personalization photo services and products like photo books, personalized holiday cards, announcements, invitations and stationery, as well as custom home decor products and unique photo gifts?

You can do this after they check out from your store or as an after sale offer in your e-mail campaigns or newsletters.


We got you covered. One of our listed affiliate merchants offers these services. 


On our post, click the blue button and signup with their Multi Level Affiliate Program.

Option 1:

You can now find and publish links to their website on yours and earn 5-10% of sales. Those are one-off's.

Option 2:

You can use a two tier affiliate link that you find in the program and send it to other website owners like you.

When they sign up with the program: you will earn commission from their sales. And that could be thousands (if they have websites with a lot of traffic and customers who like the extra offer).

So, here you have it:

Your ways to make extra money with your website as a passive income.

Check out a suitable category in our Merchant Categories navigation (e.g. Home Decor) and find suitable offers. Click the blue button to pick up that link you can share to your downline so others do the sales for you.