Lead Generation & Prospecting

Field Sales should maximize their time and engagement with customers in the market place, being supported by pro-active prospecting and the lead generation process

In order to fully focus on the direct sales activities the back office, namely marketing, should provide a constant flow of pre-qualified and validated sales opportunities.

If targeting and prospecting are not driven via reproducible process and interfacing internally sales is bound to waste time and energy to fill their opportunity pipeline.

Market and customer research need to feed into the prospecting and targeting process which hands over to the various internal experts for opportunity qualification and validation. The lead management process controls the work flow, progress and reporting to maximize top line impact.

Prospecting & Targeting

The prospecting & targeting process supports Sales to focus on promising opportunities early on. The pipeline fills with high quality opportunities and attrition rate remain slow throughout the portfolio development stages.

Lead Qualification and Validation

There are huge differences in terms of technical feasibility and commercial viability of leads. There is a significant commercial long term impact if the most promising opportunities can be activated faster.

Lead Management Process

The leads management process bridges between marketing (generating leads) and sales (following leads). When commercial value and customer satisfaction are in the center of an effective, collaborative process leads can be transformed into sales much faster and aligned with customer intent.