Define ‘sensitive’.

In our increasingly digitalized world pretty much every set of data and information is threatened the exact same way.

Why? Because everything is connected.

Where does your ‘sensitive’ data and information sit today?

In the brains of a chosen few?

What does it do there?

It certainly doesn’t unfold its potential through collective wisdom and decision making.

Or does your ‘sensitive’ data and analysis swirl around in the wires and clouds of your email servers and legacy systems?

When you feel comfortable with that because you might have a strong security policy in place, why not cloning the same policy across all systems? Including a digitalized market and competitive intelligence system?

You can actually add additional layers of security that go beyond many other system’s capabilities. User rights management, content validation and simply preventing certain data to be added go a long way.


Proven concept

The big players in the competitive intelligence software industry have mastered those ‘sensitivity’ concerns for two decades now and scores of their clients have enjoyed the most stringent security and privacy regime.


Because it is in the core of their business mission and failing on that promise with their clients would mean to lose their right for existence altogether.

At this point I am quite sure that your second excuse won’t prevail either.


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