Internal Communications & Engagement

Internal communication ensures full alignment and engagement of all collaborators in the mutual effort to accomplish the common goals

Engage with employees throughout the organization to transport messages of guidance and to provide direction.

A workforce that is not fully aware of the goals, risks and ways to mitigate as well as the supported approach to succeed will end up wasting precious resources and eventually stall in frustration.

Our constantly changing world requires a high, sensitive level of effective communication through traditional and digital channels.

Employee Engagement

Alignment behind the organizations activities and strategies is as crucial as fair compensation. Employees who are appreciated and motivated to co-create their environment and support the strategy are highly energized and motivated.

New Internal Media

Internal audiences have specific requirements when it comes to new media. Tablet computers and smartphones should be maximized to provide content, systems access and process shortcuts for employees.

Change Management

The frequency of change has been increasing steadily and humans vary in their acceptance or resistance to change. When people feel accepted and supported in their individual way to cope with change they are far more likely to support or even lead the change.

Intranet Management

Intranets have evolved to internal interfaces to connect employees to content, apps, systems and collaboration environments. Today Intranet architecture follows real world work streams and offers customized collaboration features.

Employee Publications

Employees don't only require transparency about their surrounding, they also want to feel a sense of pride about it. Sharing success stories and little known facts and anecdotes provide a big picture and a shared common denominator.