When hiring takes too long, an emergency situation pops up or when an urgent project needs to be brought to success: I am available swiftly to manage your marketing project or leadership tasks.

I am available on short notice to manage your marketing project or leadership needs.

As a B2B marketing executive I have led marketing teams and projects for +25 years successfully in global Swiss chemicals and pharma/biotech companies.

Take advantage of my experience and flexibility for the benefit of your organization.

Potential assignments

You can make me quickly accountable to bridge a marketing executive hiring gap, to lead strategic marketing projects or to lead a marketing team through significant change with focus in:

Marketing Management, Marketing Execution, Marketing Projects Leadership, Customer Value Management, Change Management, Specialty chemicals, Fine chemicals, Pharma , Biotech, Bioscience, Med Tech, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, global. Insightologist®.

Global Experience



  • Leadership teams
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Organization design



  • Chemicals:
    • Specialty chemicals
    • Fine chemicals
    • Base chemicals
  • Life Sciences, Healthcare, MedTech:
    • Pharmaceuticals, PharmaChem, Pharma
    • Biotechnologies
    • Bioscience & BioTech Solutions
  • Any other if a technical/industry focus is secondary


  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Any other to be arranged/negotiated
  • I have lived in 5 countries and worked longer than 5 years in Germany, Switzerland and the US


  • German
  • English

→ See how you can benefit

Your benefit: fast availability of temporary marketing management resources and skills.

Fast availability of temporary marketing management resources and skills. Top level independent executive or project manager. Expert in all disciplines in the broader field of marketing.

  • A top level independent executive or project manager
  • An expert in all disciplines in the broader field of marketing
  • A high level performer with a track record of quantifiable achievement
  • A possessor of drive, energy and leadership skills
  • A perceptive individual capable of adapting to new environments and delivering results
  • Available immediately

In practical terms:

  • Leading and executing from day one
  • Decades of accumulated experience in B2B marketing leadership functions and environments
  • Know-how transfer as a guiding principle
  • Neutral "ambassador" and supporter of your cause and need
  • External challenger without any hidden agenda
  • Demand oriented resource allocation
  • Highly transparent and plannable cost

→ My resolutions to your concerns

Your concerns to deploy interim management

Naturally you have concerns to hire an interim manager. See responses and resolutions to your concerns and questions.

Your concerns are important to me.

Concern: "External help is expensive."

Resolution: "The current and future cost of the status quo might be much higher."

Concern: "There might be a conflict in authority or cultural differences."

Resolution: "I bring a fresh, broad perspective and a healthy distance without any emotional attachment or 'political baggage'."

Concern: "We are concerned about know-how protection."

Resolution: "So am I, hence I work with secrecy agreements. By the way: your employees that might be hired by the competition next month do not..."

Concern: "Our reputation might suffer: 'They cannot resolve it in-house'."

Resolution: "In today's lean business environments sudden issues require additional support. Or the company might not be lean enough."

Concern: "Why not resolving it with long standing insiders?"

Resolution: "New and additional experiences from other or similar businesses and industries can be utilized. Some decisions are better accepted when applied by external experts."

Concern: "How can I trust this outsider?"

Resolution: "Beyond my references we will invest into trust building discussions and preparation before it the relationship is formalized."

→ My references

References and Experience

My Interim Manager Experiences and Projects that can support your Interim Management needs.

Responsibilities and Projects


18 months

2 weeks

1 week

1 week

1/2 year

1 year

1/2 year

1/2 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

1/2 year

1 year

Responsibility (*cases descriptions)

Identify, prepare and deploy digital solution for market and competitive insights

Digital strategy, visual identity, logo, social media approach, multi-lingual website

*Improve website performance throughkeyword analysis 

*Improve market intelligence function

*Deploy and activate stratey planning process and tool box including coaching

*Deploy customer satisfaction and improvement program & processes

Facilitate divsional merger

Facilitate regional takeover

Lead key team of PM's through re-org and reduction in context with site revamp

Setup contract management processes and business rules

*Design, negotiate and deploy business value stream process landscape

Digitalize all sales collateral and technical documentation production and distribution

Consolidate 10+ web and intranet entities into one global system

Deploy e-Business platform and new domain for reverse auctions

Establish and harmonize market and competitive intelligence, capabilities processes and tools

Industry Sector


Competitive Intelligence

Pharma, Biotech

Pharma, Biotech

Pharma, Biotech

Chemicals, Textiles/Pigments

Chemicals, Textiles

Pharma, Biotech



Chemicals, Textiles


Chemicals, Textiles


Entity Size

10'000 FTE


5'000 FTE

5'000 FTE

1'700 FTE

1'500 FTE

1'200 FTE

1'700 FTE

1'700 FTE

1'500 FTE

4'000 FTE

22'000 FTE

3'500 FTE

15'000 FTE

Experience Cloud



My core expertise responds to these marketing solutions.

Companies and Positions








Global Head of Marketing, Global Head of Program Management, Global Head of Contracting Excellence, Global Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, Global Head of Electronic Communications, Global Head of e-Business, Head of Market Development NAFTA, Global Head of Marketing Communication & Advertising, Principal & Founder

Selection of my publications

Programmatischer Auf- und Ausbau einer Wettbewerbsbeobachtungs- und Analysefunktion
e-Seminar Euroforum

Integrated Customer Value Management
Blog post at Opportunis.com

Marketing Return on Investment, ROI Marketing ROI, ROMI
Blog post at Opportunis.com

Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function, ISBN: 978-0-9771825-4-1
Competitive Intelligence Foundation, Co-Author

From Firefighters to Futurists
Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Co-Author

Additional online entities by Jens Thieme

Improving your Marketing Effectiveness. B2B Marketing Strategies and Marketing Management Consulting by Opportunis

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Insightologist®. Your competitive intelligence into strategic insights into facts based leadership.

Insights.Systems - Upgrading actionable competitive intelligence

The true story of a political prisoner in East Germany
, escaping the communist regime and the GDR Stasi (MfS) secret service.

Weird Products, Weird Unusual Gifts

Additional profiles and details

President of the Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning

Interim Management Profile Document

LinkedIn Profile Jens Thieme

Xing Profile Jens Thieme

Overview of Career Related Documents

→ I continuously acquire and apply excellence

I believe in constant learning - Memberships

Networking within professional societies provides eternal access to excellence, challenges and new ideas for Interim Managers.

Networking within professional societies provides eternal access to excellence, challenges and new ideas.

Next to publishing, teaching and coaching a broad selection of marketing topics I am or have been a long term member and leader in the following organizations:

As Member of the Board of Directors, President



Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Association




Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning

As Consultant and Interim Management pool member



RGP Management Consulting






Top Fifty Interim Management

As active member



Swiss Marketing



Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association