Function Value & Performance Measurement

Investing into a world class marketing organization also means to make sure it returns the investment with a profit

Understand the value concept and impact of the marketing functions and deliver against key performance indicators that support the company's strategy. Marketing personnel and budgets cannot sustain unchecked and unsupported for long.

If the value contribution of the marketing activities is understood, KPIs with processes and reporting established and management will obtain a clear picture of the value add of the various marketing tasks and budgets.

Marketing Returns

Marketing is an investment into sustainable growth and to continuously outperform the competition. When management is convinced about the economic impact of marketing tasks they will employ more resources whenever additional organic growth is targeted.

Marketing Performance Dashboards

The easier measurements are visualized the better management understands needs and the value of the work. Marketing can shine in this area as it should the be the one function which is most advanced in visualizing big data and complex content.

Marketing Metrics & ROI

Metrics help managing resources and projects and they can be used to report the final return on the initial investment. A powerful set of measurements invigorates the teams, supports the manager in applying the right skill and resources and educates management about the value of the marketing function.

Communications Channel Performance

Marketing transports messaging, information and data all the time and it needs to be clear how the communication channels perform to maximize delivery, reception and action. By having a clear picture how the dissemination performs, adjustments can improve the transport of messages and data.