External Communications & Stakeholders

External stakeholder communication requires critical communication skills and stakeholder management skills especially in the digital age

Use and control all communication channels and communication vehicles to effectively transport vision, mission, goals and value to the outside world.

A mismatch of external communication with the internal goals and values would create trust issues with external partners, customers and the community.

Engagement manegement with all valid stakeholders requires both targeted and broad communication skills and measures and a different approach per communication type and channel.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with external stakeholders is not just a communication task - it should be an instinctive, natural behavior of an organization. External stakeholders that are well connected and informed can indirectly promote the company's goals lend support during difficult times.

Press & Media Relations

A good press and media relation is an important prerequisite to be able to broadcast the right message at the right time. The more open and engaging journalists can work with a company the better the chance that a maximum on positive news is being transmitted.

Company Publications

Company publications inform the general public and the external stakeholders about the company's activities, results, programs and plans. High quality, informative publications such as financial reports, corporate social responsibility matters, investor briefings etc., create a solid and trustworthy image and reputation.

External Corporate Events

There are not too many opportunities for an organization to take to the stage as a whole. When financial analysts, journalists or shareholders experience external events as qualitatively outstanding it echos in their expression and opinion about the organization.

Annual Reports

Annual reports are the most critical public piece of evidence for the general performance of the company and creative capability of the communications department. Annual reports with the right balance or high end design and usability and rock solid, easy to follow performance data build trust and support a company's reputation..