Corporate Identity & Reputation

An organization expresses its value through a consistent brand identity while reputation is influenced by stakeholder experience

Align corporate and brand identity with a value concept for the stakeholders that lives up to the brand promise. If the communicated corporate identity differs from the stakeholder experience the corporate brand and trust value will suffer.

A well-managed corporate brand is best supported by rigorous reputation and issues management. Corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship add on to a popular reputation.

Corporate Brand Management

Corporate brand names are huge assets and transfer an image into the product portfolios and also into the spirit of the work force. The more positive the corporate brand sounds in the ears of the public and customers the more influential it will be.

Issues Management

Mistakes, incidents, accidents do unfortunately happen from time to time. Issues management is a second chance to limit the impact on reputation and image. Incidents that are handled professionally and with care towards the internal and external audiences companies can actually gain positive reputation and trust.

Reputation Management

Perception is reality and this is particularly true to an audience that is remote and can hardly be directly influenced in their opinion making. Studies find that a positive reputation accounts for employee retention, the ability to attract best talent and more sustainable commercial success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations that self-regulate their corporate citizenship behavior build additional poplar trust. Businesses that embrace regulatory compliance and civil standards enjoy popular trust and might enjoy a good will by the public as well as easier access to talent and customers.