Disruption Challenge / Mega trends

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Marketing Disruption Challenges


Market messaging, branding

Desktop replaced by tablet, smartphones, mobile reader behavior.

Static content creation replaced by co-creation internally, with experts externally and even with customers and end users.

External, user-controlled content channeling and interfacing.

“Now”, real time marketing supported by digital media like twitter feeds during large gatherings and events.

“Bite-size” content appetizers snatch all the attention whereas heavy, deep, bulky content loses the attention battle in our short lived world.


Market insight

Constantly improving big data machines and data bases can fine tune and customize their intelligence offering to us.

Co-creation of intelligence becomes more powerful, more meaningful but also more complex and more challenging internally.


General challenges

How can work flows and inter-departmental collaboration be sustainable in a fast changing (reorgs) environment?

How can we monitor and react to the ever changing dynamics of privacy regulation and marketing content/data liberation?

How to harness and materialize the ever increasing importance of the voice of the customer for both market messaging and market insight? Using external and internal insight and “do what” with that data?