Competitive Positioning & Differentiation

Current own and competitors market position are established in order to feed into the marketing planning process

Understand how products and services are positioned in the market place and how to differentiate against competitors. Market and competitor blind spots can seriously damage business planning and strategy.

When market positioning is established the comparison to competitors allows conclusions who to differentiate now and in future.

Competitive Landscape

To know whom to compete against is crucial for any business. Maneuver around competitive cliffs and price wars as well as typical red ocean scenarios. And how about a digitalized competitive landscape altogether?


Situation Assessment

A status quo assessment is integral part of the strategic analysis and serves to compare history, options and scenarios with the current state. Proper, established internal reporting and external analyst assumptions provide a solid foundation for the situation assessment.

Vendor Profiles

Supplier Relationship Management and vendor profile management have a significant bottom line impact. Cost control on the procurement side becomes increasingly important but a general win-win situation with the supply network must not be compromised.