From Referral Earnings to Continues Passive Income with Multi Tier Marketing

Other than just creating one touch point with the market for your own products, why not also selling products on your website that perfectly complement your offering and earn an extra income with a referral fee or affiliate sale?

Or to even accelerate the economic impact and your bottom line earnings: invite other website owners to do the same, using your affiliate link and you earn on their sales in addition.

As an automated passive income.

But first things first: Marketing Affiliate Programs.

Say you sell honeymoon trips on your 'Newly Weds' blog.

Why not offer a direct link for your visitors where they can find personalization photo services and products like photo albums, personalized holiday cards, invitations, announcements and stationery, as well as festive home decor products and unique photo and art gifts?

You can do this after they check out from your online shopping cart or as an after-sale offer in your e-mail campaigns or newsletter blast.

And every sale earns you additional income.

The idea is: why not keeping these customers engaged on your site before they wander off to look for items that want to purchase or order anyway?

Amazon does it all the time with their affiliate program: they let millions of other webmaster sell their products and they give them a percentage value of the end purchase. Pretty much all banners, images and links that promote Amazon products across the web are Amazon affiliate links where third party webmasters earn commissions for the sales they generate.

Another example for such an affiliate program where you can re-sale products from other vendors is ShareASale.

You could be that affiliate and publish an affiliate URL to additional, complimenting products on your website from many merchants, not just Amazon. Say: you link to another merchant's website to offer your customers add-on products and that merchant pays out a commission per sale of 20% for instance.

But Only Once.

And here is where you can actually multiply this effect!

With the marketing technique of multi level marketing, the marketing effort can get rewarded multiple times by cascading referrals from different marketers: when, through this marketing effort, another sale is generated. In which case the marketer gets a second, reduced sales commission.

One Example:

Your website sells home made cakes.

Because your website visitors are also interested in nice home decor you could refer them to another website through an affiliate link. Whenever anyone lands at that tableware website through your link and buys something: you are rewarded 20% of that sale (your sales commission). 

Now what?

Rather than just earning one direct sales commission from that one sale, you could hand over your affiliate link to other website owners who want to send their website visitors to that home decor area as well.

Since they are related to your affiliate link you will earn 8% of their sales. While they will collect their righteous 20% sales commission. The additional 8% are paid by the home decor merchants too.

This is called a downline. The beauty: others will do the leg work for your downline commission while you can concentrate on building more online content  and business.

This means...

From anyone who uses your affiliate link in their sales effort for home decor leads, you will earn an additional 8% sales commission. More good news: you can grow that network and others could potentially grow it for you infinitely. 

Learn more about it and try some examples: Ways to make extra money with your website as a passive income.

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