Channel Management & Content Flow

Customers and other market actors use a variety of marketing channels and sales channels to communicate and transact

Meet customers at the right time via the most suitable marketing channels to inform and guide them to the desired sales transactions.

The investment costs for design, use and maintenance of marketing and transaction channels can be wasted or destroyed if not targeted to the customers behaviour and needs.

Knowing the customer engagement break-even point helps to maximize the realationship's value. Concious channel selection through channel mapping plus conflict management and spend analysis unveil opportunities to further improve the customer engagement. 

Channel Mapping

Understanding the players within a channel network and the options to apply the channels is a pre-requisite to channel changes. Highly transparent channel dynamics make it easier to create scenarios and calculate the risk to sales channel changes.

Customer Profitability

Customer interactions incur cost and provide revenue. Knowing the break-even point is crucial to work towards profitability. Enable the organization to adjust their acquisition cost and service according to the delta between break-even point and desired profit..

Channel Partners

Channel partner management is as important as customer and supplier management. Well managed channel partners are flexible, willing and commercially strong to support channel adjustments. Or they even build a passive income stream for you.

Information & Data Sharing

The balance between information and data availability and confidentiality or legal matters is delicate and deserves special attention. Well thought out and managed information and data sharing processes can provide a no frills collaboration environment just like the internal one.

Channel Conflict Management

Pro-active channel management can avoid costly conflicts between channel partners and the company. The most potent channel partners can be positioned according to their strengths and capabilities and weak links can be reduced or eliminated.

Trade Spend Analysis

A significant marketing investment is the trade spend portion of the budget so it needs to perform as intended. Since trade spend expenditure often represents 20% or more of total sales it needs to be spent wisely and reducing any fraction of a percentage of these investment amounts is vital.