Brand & Value Development

A value promise and trust into the product or service are best transported through a strong brand

A brand clearly carries the differentiating value to the customer. If it fails to convince, customer retention and the image of the product are at stake.

A consistent approach to build brands that differ from competing offers and that communicate the brand value can strengthen the customer loyalty to that brand.

Brand Philosophy & Consistency

Brand philosophy lays the ground work of a brands purpose and behavior or service. If  brand follows a clear philosophy consistently the brand trust is undeniable.

Sub Branding

Sub brands live underneath the corporate brand and need to have their own little brand universe consisting of brand promise, image, value, visualization, etc. A carefully deployed sub brand architecture can add trust and reputation value from the umbrella corporate brand and in addition deliver its own set of brand promises.

Brand Differentiation

Since branding and marketing in general have experienced a dramatic increase of attention and improvement plus digitization transports scores of brands in no time, the brand differentiation has become a very complex and demanding endeavor. A brand that transports differentiating values into the market earns a premium and is bound to extend its life cycle.

Brand Value & Brand Promise

Brand value is generated when a brand owner, organization or company live up to their brand promise. Promising a certain emotion when using a brand and having customers enjoying that experience creates real brand value.