Brand Strategy, Protection & Management - The brand’s reputation and value is established and communicated between it’s users

The brands loyalty value that is loaded into a brand over time requires thorough preparation and a clear branding investment purpose

A successful brand is both proof and provider of trust and reputation that results in repeated business transactions. If the brand fails to transport confidence in the business relationship or purchase it does not create but destroy value.

A brand value vision with a rigorous investment into its leverage and extension frames the portfolio and offers a value concept to the customer well beyond the product or service.

Brand & Value Development

A value promise and trust into the product or service are best transported through a strong brand. A consistent approach to build brands that differ from competing offers and that communicate the brand value can strengthen the customer loyalty to that brand.

Brand Leverage & Extension

From a single brand to real brand portfolio leverage there is great potential in extended branding mechanisms. Pointing out a brand behind a brand or lending value from a top brand to a secondary one can add significant commercial traction.

Brand Focus & Portfolio Management

Brand value is vulnerable against internal and external threats and needs ongoing maintenance and protection. To health check the brand effects can lead to corrective action such as re-branding or a targeted dilution of brand value prior to a product discontinuation.