Brand Leverage & Extension

From a single brand to real brand portfolio leverage there is great potential in extended branding mechanisms

Just like product features or service categories brands can deliver value beyond the immediate attachment to one product.

A complex portfolio of B2B or B2C brands provide additional opportunities for the brand message to reach the customer.

Pointing out a brand behind a brand or lending value from a top brand to a secondary one can add significant commercial traction.

Ingredient Branding

Ingredients or  parts of high quality add value to existing brands and products. Stepping out of the shadows of a supplier and or B2B materials producer moves the ingredient brand owner further down the value chain towards the end user.

Segment Focus & Targeting

Branding and brand promise target specific customer segments differently thus every segment requires a specific focus. When focusing on the various customer or market segments with specific brand messages and programs, attraction to and response of customers increases.

Primary & Secondary Brand

Umbrella brands, or primary brands can be flanked by secondary brands that are mostly an add-on to a popular brand. Based on the primary brand, secondary brands can branch out to describe many values and brand adjectives for the single product group they target.

Product Line Extension

Organic growth through product line extension is an effective way to grow  the top line with limited investments. Risk and investments into new technology or branding don't exist or are very limited.