Brand Focus & Portfolio Management

Brand value is vulnerable against internal and external threats and needs ongoing maintenance and protection

As the world is changing so should the protective measures of any brand portfolio. Brands can easily cannibalize other products and services if they are attacked or outperformed.

To health-check the brand effects can lead to corrective action such as re-branding or a targeted dilution of brand value prior to a product discontinuation. Trademark and copyright mechanisms are further ways to protect brands from competitive threats or fraud.

Brand Bench-marking

Brand bench-marking is a specialty in the market or competitive intelligence field. Knowing the value of the brand as compared with competing brands helps to adjust the brand expression and positioning until it competes well with the selected brand sample.


During a new product launch into an existing segment or a product extension cannibalization is a valid concern, or tool. Avoiding cannibalization protects revenues and carefully squeezing an own product out to replace with a better performing one can be a rewarding marketing action.


To keep a business healthy divestitures at a certain stage of the life cycle is a common business process. Divesting and gradually replacing products are an important business health mechanism.


Re-branding is a conscious business decision and requires business, ethical and psychological insights. A fresh start into a new brand promise or removal of negative history can impact the brand health long term.

Partnership Branding

Co-branding or partnership branding is a relatively new marketing technique that can be used in consumer and industry marketing. A product supported by two strong brands can earn a premium and is better protected.